I made a list of books I would like to read. I think it’s overly ambitious for this year only but as I go along I’ll write how I feel about it 🙂

  1. One
    1. K. Piper “Confidence. The journal”
    2. K. Piper “Start your day with Katie”
    3. Justin R. Adams “The Mindful Life Journal”
    4. Regina Brett “God Never Blinks”
  2. Two
    1. Dale Carnegie “How to stop worrying and start living”
    2. Kevin Mears, Mark Freeston “Overcoming Worry”
    3. Matt Haig “Reasons to stay alive”
    4. Matt Haig “Notes on a nervous plantet”
    5. Derren Brown “Happy”
    6. Victor Frankl “Man’s searching for meaning”
    7. James Redfield “Celestine prophecy”
  3. Three
    1. Eric Berne, M.D “Games people play”
    2. Karen Kristin Amend, Mary Stansbury Ruiz “Hand writing analysis”
    3. Allan&Barbara Pease “The definitive book of body language”
    4. Joe Navarro “What Every Body is Saying”
    5. Thomas Harris “I’m ok, you’re ok”
  4. Four
    1. Jessica Shank Coviello “ECG Interpretation made Incredibly Easy”
    2. A Wiley Brand “Business writing for dummies”
    3. “Communication skills for dummies”
  5. Five
    1. John Teasdale, Mark Williams, Zindel Segal “The Mindful Way Wrokdbook”
    2. Alica James “The Unworry Book”
    3. Yong Kang Chan “Empty your cup”
    4. Aston Sanderdson “Self Talk”
    5. Grahame Cossum “Make peace with your harshest critic”
    6. Melanie Fennell “Overcoing low self-esteem”
    7. Harry Heijligers “‘The anti-procrastination mindset”
  6. Six
    1. Katie Piper “Beautiful Even After”
    2. Katie Piper “Things get better”
    3. Katie Piper “Confidence”
    4. Gill Sims “Why mummy drinks”
  7. Seven
    1. Pete Sanders “First steps in counselling”
    2. Margaret Hough “Counselling skills and theory”
    3. Nigel Benson “Introducing Psychology: A graphic guide”

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