As an impulse of a moment I decided to buy a hamster. She’s Russian dwarf hamster. I thought it would help my older daughter to adjust to the difficult situation we are in. She doesn’t like talking about her feelings so maybe if she had a “friend” it would help her. Also maybe life would be less scary. She really warmed up to the idea, thought about names, promised to clean the cage etc etc. Obviously when we finally got it, she cooled down a bit ha ha but hey. That’s life. I spent lots of time reading about taming hamsters… types of hamsters, food for hamsters. You can train your hamsters etc. I tried to approach it today and after giving her few days to get used to us and the new environment I used the chance of cleaning her cage to try and handle her. Nothing is as easy as it seems.

But maybe that’s part of my answers. Maybe in life nothing comes just like that and we need to put some effort into things to achieve success. I have to say the hamster didn’t bite me but she was nowhere near feeling comfortable or liked being handled. She was petrified. It will take a lot of time to become friends. And my excitement got a bit less. I was feeling fed up a bit. I think it’s a part of my character I’ve never before realised. I didn’t know I have problem facing troubles. I thought I was strong and facing difficulties with pride. The last six months was a very deep journey inside myself. It’s amazing how little we know ourselves.

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